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Holidazzle Rules & Regulations

1. All merchandise for sale must be handcrafted by the exhibitor. The show staff reserves the right to prohibit any merchandise that is questionable in nature.
2. Exhibitors are to ensure that their display is completely set up and ready to sell when the show opens. Exhibitors may not dismantle their display or start packing up before closing time.
3. Vendors who leave early will not be allowed to reserve space for the next show. Vendors who fail to attend a show will automatically forfeit their fees and will not be allowed to reserve space for the next show.
4. All exhibitors must contain their display, their work, and their storage boxes within the dimensions of the space they rent. Please honor your neighbor and stay within the space limits.
5. Vendors are responsible for their own merchandise. All buildings will be locked at night. It is up to each exhibitor to decide whether to dismantle or cover displays during non-show hours. The Winnebago County Fair Association, Inc. and its agents are to be held harmless of any theft or accidental occurrence and are not
liable for personal injury or loss, damage, breakage, or destruction of goods on an exhibit. The vendors are solely responsible for their own property, employees, and for all public claims and liabilities.
6. All transactions between the vendor and customer are the responsibility of the vendor. Vendors must have their own change funds. The customer has the right to request and receive a receipt.
7. Collection, reporting, and payment of state and local sales tax, or any other applicable tax, are solely the responsibility of the registered vendors.
8. No vehicle traffic is allowed on the grounds during show hours! No vehicle traffic is allowed in buildings during show hours! If you are caught, you will not be allowed back! NO EXCEPTIONS!
9. Pets are NOT permitted in the venue. This will be strictly enforced for insurance purposes.
10. NO smoking in the buildings.
11. All vendors must park within the designated parking lot area immediately after the display and goods are unloaded.
12. Packing your display prior to 3:00 pm Sunday is prohibited. Dealers who leave early will not be allowed to reserve space for the next show.
13. When tearing down on Sunday, please remove all trash from your space and place it in trash receptacles. Newspaper should be placed in plastic trash bags.
14. Rules are subject to change.

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