Livestock & Non-Livestock Entry Forms

We want to thank all of our livestock and non-livestock county fair superintendents.  Your time, effort, and hard work do not go unnoticed!

Kathy Koning McClure Beef Cattle
Albert Lenkaitis Dairy Cattle
Doug Williams Sheep
Amanda Anderson Swine
Jessica Sander Dairy Goats
Kris Smith Agricultural Products
Leona Greene Crafts & Hobbies
Mary Wagner Textiles
Melody Wiegert Floriculture
Evonne Larson Culinary
John Naretta
Vicki Marcum Photography
Lori Campbell Horses


Entry forms for all departments are found at the links below.  If you have questions regarding your entry, please contact the superintendent of your department.


General Rules & Information

2017 General Non-Livestock Rules & Regulations
2017 General Fair Information
2017 IL Dept. of Ag Health Requirements
2017 Junior Livestock Special Rules
2017 Winnebago County Fair Judging Schedule
2017 4-H Shows & Events Schedule
2017 IBA Points Show Rules


Livestock Entry Forms

2017 Livestock/Animal Entry Form



Beef Cattle – Dept. A Jr. Beef Cattle – Dept. H01
Dairy Cattle – Dept. B Jr. Dairy Cattle – Dept. H02
Sheep – Dept. F Jr. Sheep – Dept. H04
Swine – Dept. G Jr. Swine – Dept. H05
 Dairy Goats - Dept. U Jr. Dairy Goats – Dept. H03
Horses – Dept. R  


Non-Livestock Forms

2017 Non-Livestock Entry Form



Agricultural Products – Dept. J Jr. Agricultural Products – Dept. P01
Crafts & Hobbies – Dept. V02 Jr. Crafts & Hobbies – Dept. P05
Textiles – Dept. M Jr. Textiles – Dept. P03
Floriculture – Dept. L Jr. Floriculture – Dept. P02
Culinary – Dept. O
Art – Dept. V03 Jr. Art – Dept. P06
Fruits – Dept. K  Jr. Culinary - Dept. P04
Photography – Dept. V01